From his first L to over $1,300. Read how South Africa’s Rex made a comeback with just $3.

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7 min readJul 22, 2023

We are thrilled to introduce our new Spotlight Series, where we will be featuring some of the incredible members of the GoWagr community and users who have achieved remarkable wins through their wagers.

In this series, we will dive deep into their experiences and learn about how they were able to pull off their wins, shedding light on how they navigated their way to how far they’ve come.

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Now, to the gist of the day.

Meet Rex, a passionate 20-year-old gamer hailing from South Africa. His love for video games started at the tender age of 4, and he has been obsessed with gaming ever since. While some may wonder why he hasn’t pursued professional gaming, Rex has his reasons which included balancing his studies, and also the desire to explore all kind of games he can get his hands on. Although he admires the professionals, but he is more keen on exploring and taking on many gaming adventures on his own terms, without external pressure and playing multiple games and challenges as they come. Among his favorites are FIFA, eFootball, Call of Duty, and Apex Legends.

First off, What’s your current GoWagr wallet balance?

I currently have $1,321. In my country’s currency that’s about 24,000 zar, that’s quite a lot of money. Whenever I feel like smiling for no reason, I open up the GoWagr app

Rex’s Wallet Balance

Lmao, love to see it and it’s incredible how you’ve been able to pull this off. Have you made any withdrawals at all?

Surprisingly, I haven’t. I started with the determination that I was going to get it to $500 before I made any withdrawals, but when I got to that amount, I kept on pushing to bigger goals and here we are today.

This is surprising. I do not have your kind of patience.

Haha, well, you could say that. I have friends that withdraw immediately after they win a wager.

Well, I am one of those friends, lmao. In one word, how would you describe getting to this point?

Allow me to use two words– fun and stressful at the same time.

Well, I guess “Nothing comes easy” is a legit saying. So, before we dive into how fun and stressful it has been, how did you find GoWagr, what was your first deposit and what are your early experiences?

There was this guy on Twitter who tweeted about winning an iMessage games wager and how he intend to make up to $100 with $1 playing just iMessage games, I bookmarked the tweet and forgot about it, I later went on to download the app some weeks later while going through my bookmarks.

I saw the marketplace and there were people who have posted wagers (mostly iMessage games and CODM wagers) and I got excited when I got a grasp of the whole thing.

I told my friend who was into crypto to help me fund my wallet, as my country’s local currency is not supported yet and I wasn’t familiar with crypto. My first deposit was about $3, and I lost it to a FIFA challenge against one of my friends I introduced to the app, haha.

Interesting, so you lost all your money?

Yes, I did. I made another $3 deposit and told my friend who I had lost my first wager to, that I’d get my comeback and revenge.

Did you eventually get your revenge?

Kind of, It’s complicated.

How complicated?

We’ve wagered so many times — I have lost some and won some, I really can’t tell who has won the most.

Hmm, or there’s something you’re not telling us? Lol.

Lmao, I’m being serious 😂

That’s okay, I’m only pulling your legs, so how did your second deposit go?

That was the beginning of my winning streak and how I grew my account.

I joined one of the marketplace wagers in a FIFA challenge. It was a $2 wager and I won.

We had exchanged phone numbers on Instagram, so we kept chatting on Whatsapp and he told me he wanted to play again, and I won again. That day we eventually played up to 5 times and I won 4 out of the 5 wagers.

This is amazing, I’m sure it wasn’t all easy, what were some of the challenges you faced?

When I started, I used to play games like Fifa, COD snipers, and even iMessage games with random people from the wager marketplace but it was sometimes stressful.

Before the chatroom was introduced to the app, it was challenging to communicate with people. So many times, people who join my wagers don’t reach out and are not easy to reach, thereby wasting my time.

After a while, I limited how I posted on the marketplace, also, before joining a marketplace wager I made sure I’m able to communicate with those who have posted a wager.

There is also the case of people who take wagers to dispute for no reason and people who just join your wager and claim the win even when the match hasn’t been played, very hilarious and annoying sometimes, I’m sure other users can relate.

Because of these issues, I had to limit my wagers to my friends and group chats. I created my group chat where I added my guys and other people who were interested in challenges and wagers there.

Wow, you had to do all that? wasn’t that too much work?

Well, I had a goal and I was determined to smash it.

I was making money from what I loved doing best, gaming, and so many other people in the group are active gamers looking for challenges too, many of us had our goals and targets and the group chat kept growing and became more active with gamers who wager up to $200.

What is your highest wager so far?

That was last week, a $150 wager in a best-of-5 FIFA game I won.

Rex’s biggest win in a single wager

Woah, that’s huge! Were you nervous?

Yes, I was nervous as most of my wagers after growing my account to over $100 were mostly $10-$30 wagers.

Okay, what was your biggest loss?

My biggest loss was $100 and it was to the same person I made my biggest win from.


I made other losses too, but I make sure I win more games than I get losses.

That’s awesome. What are your plans for this money? Are you withdrawing anytime soon?

The thought of withdrawing crosses my mind every time because I have some things I want for myself but I currently have a goal of $1,500, maybe this time, I’ll withdraw some of my wins.

I also plan on supporting my friends who are good gamers and when they make gains, we split the winning, but that would be when I hit my targets.

Wow, that’s smart, what feedback do you have for Team GoWagr and any advice for others who might be reading and be motivated by you?

I believe the app will continue to grow and get improved over time. The only thing I would say is an issue for me is the local currency deposit option that isn’t available in my country yet. I love the app and the customer support is so helpful and great.

Also, to those reading this, I always tell my guys, nothing comes easy, go back to the drawing board and practice if you’re losing matches, if the marketplace people are too much to handle, just stick to your circle of friends and keep on putting in your best.

Thanks for your feedback, the deposit option supporting other countries' local currency is coming very soon!

That would be great, I can’t wait for that and the other exciting things that will be coming in the future.

Thank you, Rex, for sharing your journey with us, we’re glad with GoWagr, you have been able to take your gaming hobbies to the next level.

Thank you too, and I’m happy I found GoWagr!


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