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Team GoWagr
5 min readApr 24, 2023

In January 2023, Jude and Pat had an intense political argument on Twitter regarding the upcoming election in their country. To put an end to the argument, they decided to place a wager on the outcome of the election with $2,600 at stake.

After the election was decided, Jude won that wager. However, Pat refused to pay up, leaving Jude with no recourse. This was because the wager was made verbally, with no commitment and formal agreement, leaving no mandatory obligation for Pat to honor the bet.

A lot of us have the Jude & Pat experience. We’ve all won a wager and never got paid, and we’ve lost wagers and never pay up :)

GoWagr was built to prevent these from happening.

Ava had just challenged Tommy to a friendly PS5 Fifa contest. To make things more exciting and interesting, they decided to wager and stake 100 bucks on who scores the most goals after they have played 3 matches with their favourite teams.

So that they don’t end up in the Jude and Pat situation, who, or what holds the funds on their behalf? ​​who is going to serve as a reliable middleman (popularly referred to as Boardman) they can trust that won’t abscond with their money?

This is why GoWagr exists now.

So, what is GoWagr?

GoWagr is a peer-to-peer social wagering app that enables anyone to safely and securely make wagers with friends, co-workers, communities, family, and even adversaries on any topic whether it’s gaming, politics, sports, entertainment, economic events, or anything at all.

You can now enter a wager with anyone on if Arsenal would win their next match, play FIFA or any gaming contest with your friends for bragging rights, or even wager on the outcome of a poll created from an argument; without stressing yourself over who would be the boardman, or how to go about it securely.

With GoWagr, your wager transactions are safe, there’s transparency and you have the highest level of autonomy and flexibility; you create wagers on your own terms with anyone, with deposits and withdrawals very fast and convenient.

Why you should use GoWagr.

How does GoWagr work?

Getting started with GoWagr is easy, download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store and here’s all you need to do;


Setting up an account with GoWagr.

Sign-up with your email & verify your account with the OTP that would be sent to the email address you signed up with.

You’re also required to create a WagrTag (username). Your WagrTag is everything you need to interact with other users on the app.

Finally, you are required to set a unique 4-digit pin for approving all transactions that would be happening in the app.

The GoWagr Wallet

The GoWagr Wallet.

The in-app wallet is designed for users to deposit money into for creating & joining wagers, and other related in-app transactions.

We offer two convenient funding options for our users. Firstly, users can fund their wallet using their local currency (currently, only Naira is available), which will be automatically converted to USDT upon deposit.

Secondly, users can choose to deposit USDT via the unique crypto wallet address generated for them.

Users can withdraw funds from their wallet to their local bank account or another USDT address on the Trx network.


Creating Wagers.

Creating a wager is pretty straightforward. As long as your wallet is funded, all you need to do is;

- Choose a category in the context of the wager you want to create (e.g a wager on who wins a football match would be in the sports category),

- Input the title of the wager along with all the necessary information and terms of the wager and,

- The amount you intend to stake in the wager.

Once the wager has been created, you can send an invite to specific individuals by entering their unique WagrTag, or simply copy and share the invite link with the person or anyone you want to enter the wager with.

You can also find people to enter a wager with. Click on the checkbox below the invite link, and this would send your wager to the marketplace. This will allow other GoWagr users to search for and find your wager, so they can decide if they want to join.

You can also go through the marketplace to find open wagers posted by other GoWagr users to join, sounds cool?

The marketplace is currently a beta feature, major updates on it would be announced sometime in Q3.

Creating a wager is entirely free of charge. We only charge a nominal platform fee of 5% of the total stake in an active wager, which both participants have entered into.

After a wager is finished, you can claim the win or tie, and the other person can confirm or contest your claim. In the event of a contested wager claim, we have specialized administrators for each category to settle disputes fairly based on objective criteria. It’s important that you keep evidence of the wager to ease the dispute resolution process.


Our support channels are open 24/7. You can reach and talk to us through the most convenient channel whenever you have issues that need to be resolved quickly.

This is the earliest version of GoWagr, we still have many exciting experiences and features in the pipeline coming soon, and we can’t wait to share.

Follow us on our socials and stay tuned as we have some exciting announcements for our community in the coming weeks.

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Team GoWagr! 💙