Partnership Program With FPL Communities— Earn up to $100 weekly

Team GoWagr
2 min readNov 3, 2023

Do you own an FPL mini-league and community with active managers? If yes, you can earn up to or more than $100 weekly!

If you do not have an FPL group chat/ community, please do well to share with someone you know who does.

GoWagr is introducing the first-of-its-kind Fantasy Premier League contest feature into its mobile app. Watch App Demo

In case you’re unfamiliar with GoWagr, it’s an escrow wager app that provides a safe and secure platform for you to engage in wagers with friends. Whether it’s on sports, gaming, politics, or anything at all. Read More

The latest product feature is the “FPL contests” where FPL managers can connect their Fantasy Premier League Team to their GoWagr account. With this connection, they can create manager of the week and manager of the season contests (stay tuned for more contest types coming soon) for their respective leagues.

How do you benefit from this as an FPL group/community admin or owner?

At the end of each Game Week or Season, wins are automatically distributed, and GoWagr charges a nominal 5% commission of the total pool on all contests.

If you’re signed up and accepted for the partnership program, we give you double the fees (the 5% commission) we make from the contests created in your community — That is, you get 10% of the total pool in the contests created for your league for that week.

However, there are conditions, and these are a few things to note –

  • Any contest created for your community mini-league, must have at least 10 managers participating in the pool for that week, to qualify for the payout in that week.
  • The 10% reward is only valid for a period of time, and reverts to a standard 5%

If you are interested in taking up this exciting venture, please take a moment to fill out this form, and someone from our team will promptly get in touch with you.

You can also contact us at: and we’ll respond promptly.

Good luck and do well to share this with someone that might need this!